*Parts fix and replacement [#t64a9929]
***Frame [#b97c310e]
-Frame is made from ABS resin using 3D printer
-But instance glue for ABS to adhere broken frames is much easier than remaking frame with 3D printer.
***Leg [#tab56efc]
-Leg is made from ABS resin using 3D printer
***Propeller [#rf49b200]
-Part number is HCB-03 and available from the following shop.


-Drilling the center of propeller is needed to extend hole to fit 1.5mm shaft length. By extending the hole with the following 1.44mm reamer, a propeller can be fit to a shaft of the motor without adhesive. 


-By default, HCB-03 propllers are very unbalanced and causes vibration. To solve this problem, tape adhesive can be used to calibrate moment balance.

-After replacing a propeller, variables of thrust bias should be set by changing following variables in /root/dirs/pc/code/base/pxlib.c
-After replacing a propeller, parameters of thrust bias should be set by changing following variables in /root/dirs/pc/code/base/pxlib.c
 //Set following varibales, normally ranging from -120 to 120.  
 //This setting strengthen left thrust(to go right)  
 addr_pconfig->duty_bias_upper = 0;  
 addr_pconfig->duty_bias_lower = 0;
 addr_pconfig->duty_bias_left = 60;
 addr_pconfig->duty_bias_right = -60;
After changing those variables, the program must be compiled again.(see [[User Program Manual]])

***Motor [#r25ff66a]
-Part number is AP-03 and available from the following shop.


***Sonar sensor [#wa0e8ae1]
-Part number is LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 and available from the following shop.

-The sonar sensor is very weak to vibration cased by Phenox(Impulse noise is observed without gel tape).

***Micro SD card [#h839bd5f]
-Part number is TS4GUSDC4 at kickstarter model in May 2014.
--Boot successful rate of the current model depends on micro SD card part number.([[known issue>#bec29918]]) 
-save backup with following command (replace sdd and path to fit user's environment).
 sudo dd if=/dev/sdd of=~/sdback.dd
-copy backup to new micri SD card with following command(rewite /dev/sd* and path to fit user's environment).
 sudo dd if=~/sdback.dd of=/dev/sdd bs=1024k

*Maintainance [#yaeffd5c]
-Phenox needs maintainces after some flight.Please check following points
+Tighten 18 screws of 4 motors(12 screws), the camera(2 screws), 4 legs(4 screws).
+Sonar location and cable disconnection check.
+Check sensor state using tutorial_selfstate(see [[Tutorials]])
+Save backup of micro SD card.(see [[here>#t64a9929]])
+Check propellers are not loose.
+Check motors rotate smoothly. 

*Known issue [#bec29918]

**Boot from micro SD card fails irregularly. [#ze28bdb1]
-This problem is caused by dependency of Phenox firmware system and micro SD card.
-We observes two cases that boot fails. 
+Red led doesn't turn off (before executing u-boot)
+Reading sector error of MMC (when u-boot reads contents of micro SD card)
**Incomplete images are sometimes acuquired (green images) [#sa0e241b]
-This problem seems to be caused by miss-synchronization between camera and Phenox, and is under examination.
-This issue depends on initialization states, so if users acquire normal image from both cameras, image acquisition is normal until shutdown. 
-Self position estimation becomes very slow(insensitive to self-movement) when this problem occurs.
**Impulse noise is observed in mic. [#i22ef983]
-This signal is caused by sonar sensor, which is sending ultrasonic signal to measure height. 
-Will be fixed at next revision.
**Wrong height control. [#h9561cb8]
-The source of this problem is mostly sonar sensor.
+Impulse noise caused by vibration
--Users can check this noise by monitoring selfstate(see tutorial_selfstate of [[Tutorials]])
--inserting gel-tape improves this problem.
+Stationaly wrong height value
--Check connection of a sonar sensor.
--In our experiment, some sonar sensors are broken with direct physical shock such as dropping Phenox on the ground without legs.

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