Hardware and Software Setup

System Overview

What is Phenox?

  • Phenox is a quad-copter robot based on linux operating system.
  • The main three features are
    • palm-sized
    • on-board processing
    • programmable

Phenox components

  • Zynq (XC7Z010)
  • 256MB DDR3
  • Bluetooth device
  • Sensors: The outputs from these sensors are available through the user application program.
    • IMUs(Inertia Momentum Unit)
    • CMOS cameras(two cameras)
    • Mic
    • Sonar sensor
  • Brushless motor drivers
  • Battery monitor
  • 4 propellers and motors

Required Tools

  • PC with bluetooth module
    • We have confirmed operation of Phenox using Linux host machine (Ubuntu 12.10, 14.04) as monitor.
    • Mac and Windows support is under construction.
  • Micro SD card
  • Micro SD card reader
  • 3-cell Lipo battery
  • 3-cell Lipo charger
  • Whistle
    • Phenox automatically detects 3KHz peak sound of whistle, and users can program how Phenox reacts to the sound.


Feature points

  • Phenox conducts self-localization using visual feedback. The number of feature points detected on the image is important. Please see following picture where feature points exist.
  • Phenox has two cameras. Bottom camera is used for horizontal position estimation and Front camera is selectively used for height position estimation instead of a sonar sensor.
  • Users can check how many feature points are displayed using log from Phenox and viewer program running host PC machine. Please see tutorial?

Indoor space

  • It is highly recommended for users to run Phenox in indoor environment (3m x 3m x 3m at minimum).

Wind source

  • When possible, turn off the air conditioners or fans for more stable flight.

Important knowledge

Treat Phenox as your alternative personal computer.

  • Users should use "shutdown" command in command line before turning off the power switch, once after Phenox mounts root file system.
  • When users run their custom programs on Phenox without host PC, the following triggers are effective to shutdown Phenox automatically.
    • Whistle detection
    • Seeing special color object
    • Voice recognition
    • etc.
  • Please check the bulb-colored LEDs which indicate battery states. When the battery is running low, bulb-colored LED blinks and Phenox automatically goes down to stop all motors. In this case please shutdown manually.
  • Unexpected disconnection can cause write error of file system in SD card. And finally SD card becomes completely "read only" file systems :-)

Orientation and LED positon of the quadcopter

  • A leg with the camera is directed backward.
    • Thus users should put Phenox on the ground so that the camera looks users side.
  • Yaw control is not recommended before users gets used to nominal manual hovering.

Out of battery detection and Phenox behavior.

  • Duration time is about 30 minutes when motors are not actuated.
  • Buration time is about 5 minutes when using motors.
  • Yellow LEDs blink when battery is nearly out.
  • Phenox starts landing when the battery is nealy out. Phenox goes down and stop all motors following two rule.
    1. Phenox stops all motor when it reaches some height measured by sonar sensor(about 20cm from ground).
    2. Phenox stops all motor when the times reaches downtime_max at pconfig(default value is 3.1 second. See User Program Manual])

Battery connector treatment

  • Injecting and ejecting battery connector should be carefully done without bending PCB.

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